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About Me


Hi🌹 I'm Mary. My hobbies are playing zelda, programming, spreading freedom & streaming dressed like a beautiful trans women.

Sorry I can't be your trans girlfriend. ☹️ I'm not attracted to men but we can still be friends 🙂

Don't be sad. I use filters on all my pictures so I am not as beautiful in real life.

don't tell my mother. She doesn't know.😇 Its all just for fun

Citizenship: Canadian
Location: Canada
Gender: XY
Politics: Libertarian
Native Language: English ★★★★★

Other Languages:
  French: Advanced:       â˜…★★★☆
Spanish: Intermediate:  â˜…★★☆☆
Chinese: Beginner:        â˜…★☆☆☆

Linux Administration:

I've been working with computers as work or as a hobby all my life. I love anything computer related software & hardware.

I have experience in working with Linux servers & Windows servers and software.

I've done paid work for various websites in the past and currently continue to maintain
and help others with their online websites.

I've launched from scratch many Linux command line based servers.

Web developer:

I have some basic knowledge in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP & JavaScript. This website is maintained & created by me.

Bitcoin will become the new world's reserve currency.

Check out the contact tab up above if you want to hire me or follow me on my social media accounts.