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#30 – Should women stay home or work? How about letting women themselves decide.

I often have discussions or listen to men talking about how they want to return to the days where women stayed home all day to cook, clean, do laundry & raise their children.

According to these men. That type of society is better for both women & men.

I disagree with these type of men. I believe they are narrow minded and unable to think critically in order to find the actual problem and find solutions.

The root of the problem is corporations and not women in the work force.

Propagandists a.k.a. “Influencers” always fail to mention how corporations are the reason women can’t be housewives and that millions of women would love to be house wives but can’t.

The problem we have now is that:

Women are not able to stay home and raise their children because of money and end up only finding a low wage job.

Women are getting into jobs that they are not psychically able to handle compared to men thus causing conflicts with men

Women end up running their own small business but are not able to compete with corporations or China.

and many other issues..

Who is pushing women into the wrong workplaces? Corporations. Corporations are the ones actively pushing women into jobs that they shouldn’t be in. The reason they are doing this is simply to cause division and destroy the family unit.

Why don’t women just stay home? Because a man isn’t able to support his wife with only his wage.

What is the solution to all these problems?

The solution of simple. CORPORATIONS. We need to get rid of them.

I strongly support women choosing to be in the workforce or staying home. Both are easy achievable without running into problems or conflicts between men and women.

Currently in 2023 life has gotten so expensive that couples with or without children can barely scrape by unless their wife goes to work. So out of necessity and not by choice the wife needs to find a job. Eventually most women find a dead end job making minimum wage or a 9-5 boring job mostly likely working for a corporation.

Working for a corporation is almost all that we have left in this current society for both men and women.

It’s not a very fulfilling life. We have become a slave to corporations.

What if the husband has a extremely good job and it allows the women to stay home and raise their children. That would be great except to generalize that ALL women would be happy doing this is wrong and a lie. This scenario of being able to stay home applies to only a very few women as wages have not gone up very much in many decades.

Women are like men they have dreams, goals and want a purpose in life.

Isn’t raising children a having a purpose in life?

It is but it’s not fulfilling enough. Women tend to be much more social then men.

Staying home raising kids makes it hard to make friends, learning new things and contributing to society. But most of all. What is a women supposed to do all day after their children have grown up and moved out of their home? Cook, clean and do their husbands laundry? Sounds depressing. Doesn’t it?

For their health and happiness a good solution is for women to be running their own businesses and become their own boss.

Women running their own small business gives them much more fulfillment in life because they are contributing to society but most important is that they will be able to teach & pass their business experience to their daughters and sons.

Instead of staying home and sometimes going to the park or a walk. They could be running their business with their children.

Children love to help out and this business experience is way more valuable then a degree at a woke university.

What type of business are women able to start?

Makeup Stores

Women’s Clothes

Women’s Lingerie

Women’s health products.

Women’s fitness

Children Stores

There is literally hundreds of ideas for business that women can start.

Even with Corporations having a monopoly. Women are still able to run their won small business. Although with employees wages they are not always able to afford hiring employees therefore shutting down their small business if life happens.

Below is a good article of the women in the picture above. This small business owner closed down her shop when she had children and re-opened it up once her children were old enough.

The question is why didn’t she hire someone to look after her shop? Most likely because her profits are not high enough to afford employees. Only corporations have the privilege of being able to hire employees especially in the women’s clothes industry.

The majority of men do not want to start or run these type of stores i wrote above. Plus women know their own products more then men as they use them everyday. Such as makeup.

So if we had a society where women stayed home to raise children who would run these stores? Most likely gay men or trans women but there would still be a huge demand for more of these stores.

Who running stores that sell women products now?


Corporations are the ones who are currently running stores which sell women and children products and women are the ones working at these stores for minimum wage. Corporations have stolen trillions of dollars from women and made them work for low wages. Corporations literally make billions in revenue each year while giving women pennies.

Money that belongs to the wives and daughters of men.

So why aren’t women starting their own business to complete with these corporations?

Corporations have a monopoly. They have created massive corporations and bribed politicians which allows them to crush small business and small business are not able to compete.

Therefore starting a business selling women products is already destined to fail(most, not all). You will end up in debt or you will barely scrape by. In the end it will strain your marriage. You would be better off staying home raising your kids or working a dead end job.

Some men want a society where women stay home. But have they taken the time to ask women what they want? and what will make them happy? What fulfills them in life?

Do these men know that the corporations have a monopoly? No they don’t. Most of the men I’ve talked to blame women in the workforce. These men have no clue how corporations work. These men think that if women go back into the home their life and their wives life will get better. But it won’t.

This book is a must for everyone. It explains how 3 banks in the 1900’s agreed on creating a secret monopoly. That was the start of banks creating corporations and buying up all the small business with our money that we deposited in their banks.

Women have goals & dreams. Any man that tells a women that he wants a wife to stay home to raise their children is a type of man to teach your daughters to stay away from.

It’s all about what he wants and has not bothered to ask what would make his wife happy.

Relationships are about compromise and doing what’s best for your marriage & children.

I’ve met many women over the years and many of them have hobbies and ambitions and the majority of them want children. Majority of them also want to start their own small business.

Most people I talk to both men and women want to start their own business. They are not interested in building a massive empire. They are simply interested in life a simple life with their family.

It’s the corporations that have the desire to destroy all small business and create one big corporation to enslave us all.

Is a women able to juggle raising children while running a small business?

Absolutely in a world without corporations.

In a world with corporations like today. It can be done but it’s much more difficult since your profits are nowhere as high as they should be.

Since corporations don’t have as much power in the Asia. When i traveled there i realized women compared to western women have more more business experience and run their own businesses.

Because the need to run their own businesses. Women in Asia are extremely creative. I have seen them gain a large following selling products on social media to advertise their stores locally and overseas. I’ve seen videos of both the mother and daughter modeling dresses, having fun together which equals quality time and bonding together.

Would you be proud of your wife and daughter working together running their own business?

You should be.

As your daughter gets older and your wife gets older. You daughter could take over the business. Skipping the thousands of dollars required to get a university degree and avoiding the indoctrination of the school system and ridiculous degree such as a “diversity manager”

A woke company’s job offer

What I find ridiculous is that when I ask men. “If your wife stays home and raises your children. What will she do all day when your children turn 18 and they go off to college”

They answer “cook, clean, do laundry”

Will she be happy doing that for the rest of her life? Most likely not but some will.

This is a huge reason why marriages break down. Boredom, no purpose in life. Husband doesn’t care about her goals.

Even in the past when women stayed home while their husbands worked. They still managed to get into sales as a past time. Remember Avon? Everyone’s mom did that.

Did they sell Avon because they needed money or wanted something extra to do?

I’d say a little bit of both.

This doesn’t pertain to only women. Men also have been robbed of money. Men have no other choice but to work for corporations. Like many mechanics who are unable to complete with large corporations instead of running their own shop.

Both men and women have to realize we are being robbed by corporations. We need to expose them and destroy them.

Of course not every single person will run their own small business. But life and wages would be much better from small business bosses then corporate bosses.

In conclusion

We need to keep exposing corporations because they have been robbing our wives, daughters, sons of many things and forcing them to work as slaves while reaping billions of money that belongs to us.

With no corporations. All those billions and trillions would be made by small business and employees.

At the end of the day this would allow couples to hire someone to clean, cook and do laundry instead empowering more small businesses and of course retire early.

The great news is that corporations are currently collapsing because the USA is in the process of removing the central banking and global banking monopolies.

They will be lots of money to be made!

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