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#31 – ML#01 – I feminized myself

So I used snapchat to see what I would look like as a women wearing my normal clothes. I looked hot! but something was missing.. makeup and women’s clothes.

So i went shopping and got some makeup and women’s clothes. Then tried snapchat again and wow. I looked amazing. I started to like seeing myself as feminized.

But the snapchat filters are just too good. I don’t look as great without the filters and my makeup skills were pretty basic.

It’s was so much fun that it made me want to want to dress like this all the time and I thought to myself. Why can’t men dress in women’s clothes full-time? They can but it’s just not “normal”.

From what I hear. Transgender people have to put up a lot of hate by society.

But who cares what society thinks right? If you love it then:

“Live how you want. Not how society wants”

It takes a lot of courage to dress outside the “normal”. Especially if you don’t pass and still look like a man. You will probably get a lot of stares. I read online a lot of trans people are worried about passing.

I don’t think passing 100% is important. Who cares if someone knows you are trans. In fact it’s better for people to know the truth.

Some are worried about being attacked. I can’t see anyone attacking you. At least not in Canada.

But i have heard that in other countries transgender people get attacked.

What is normal? Think of it this way. Eventually if enough men wear dresses & makeup. It would become “normal”. No one would even care anymore. So don’t worry about passing so much.

I remember 20 years ago if you saw somebody wearing a pink shirt people would automatically think you are gay. Some people would even yell things at you. Times have changed. But there is still lots of stigma when men feminize themselves.

Here is an interesting article of a trans person with a beard.

Here is one of the best quotes on the article:

People say to trans people, “Aren’t you brave for coming out!” And I say, “No, I’ll tell you what’s brave, it’s the kid who went to school and had to face that fear and terror, day in, day out.” I was a very disempowered kid who was trying to not get spotted or visibly outed and became a young adult who also tried to not be visibly outed, but I reached a point where I thought, “Actually, I don’t need to be vulnerable to you people, because I’m going to fight back.”

This quote is completely right. As adults most people mind their own business and won’t say anything to you. But government schools are badly run and lots of bullying exists there. Teachers won’t do much about it.

We are all brave but being a kid who wants to dress out of the normal or act out of the normal at government schools is definitely tough.

Let’s help change that.

I’ve left below a gift for you to keep. The first picture i took on snapchat.

-love Mary🌹

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