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#32 – ML#02 – Nails, Makeup & Shopping

After playing around with snapchat all week. I had this strange urge while I was in bed to paint my nails red. So I painted my nails red.

It was difficult. I had never painted my nails before and I had no clue what I was doing. I didn’t even look at a youtube video to see how it’s done. I did a good job for my first time but next time I will take a look at a video on how to paint them.

I really like my nails painted. When i’m doing random things. The bright color stands out and it looks nice. I can see why women like painting their nails too. Its fun.

My nails

I also bought some lip stick(At least I thought it was lipstick). It turned out that I bought lip gloss instead. I really don’t know the difference between lip gloss and lip stick. I will have to search that next time.

The red one is my favorite because it’s really bright.. I thought the pink ones were going to bright as well but they are not very bright. They smell amazing on my lips. A bit fruity.

As below is a picture of me with painted nails and the red lip gloss.

am i cute? hehe

I think i look cute but maybe I need to do something with my eyebrows.

next time!

-love Mary🌹

Mary’s fashion:

Red tube top –

Heart necklace –

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