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#33 – ML#03 – Eyebrows & Strolling around.

I didn’t want to get my eyebrows done because I didn’t think it would make much of a difference.

But boy! was i wrong!

I booked an appointment at an eyebrow waxing business with a pretty girl named Amanda. I told that I wanted a feminine look and that I have never done my eyebrows before.

She was extremely nice and supportive. She told me an arch would look feminine and beautiful on me.

I have to use an eyebrow outliner & darkener to make them more visible. Which I did and wow they really stand out. It actually makes me look extremely feminine. I was shocked how much eyebrows make a difference.

I’m getting a bit better doing makeup but the makeup kit I bought had really dark eye shadow. I wanted some more brighter colors. Like really bright pink. So I went to Sephora and found some really bright colors. I loved it so I bought.

I also bought some bright pink lipstick.

Here is what I looked like now with pink eye shadow, pink lip stick and eyebrows.

What do you guys think? Am i cute still?

Here is another picture of me with my trump hat.

I need to work on my eyeliner wings. I find it’s really difficult and it’s a skill that needs to be practiced.

This was only the second time I have ever been outside as a women. I was very nervous.

I got lots of stares but no one said anything bad. I did get very many compliments from women. They stopped at talked to me about makeup and other women things.

I’m not exactly sure what other people are thinking.

But even before I dressed as a women. I got lots of stares which was because I always wear my trump hat everywhere i go or other political patches on my clothes.

A lot of people usually start conversations with me about it. Complementing me about them and talking about politics. I am usually a very approachable person to begin with so I can’t necessarily assume they are thinking bad things.

In fact if i saw a beautiful trans women. I’d like to talk to her and be her friend.

anyways see you next time.

-love Mary🌹

Mary’s fashion:

Pink dress –

Trump Hat –

Heart necklace –

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