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#34 – ML#04 – I love smoothies.

I went out again looking for a better smoothie place. I usually go to booster juice but i find their smoothies are stale and not very tasteful.

I ended up finding a better smoothie place called “Choco Corn” at the mall. I usually order chocolate & banana smoothies.

The lady there was very nice to me and told me she wants me to come back often and suggested next time to try this other smoothie.

I wonder if it is her own business because small local business owners are usually much harder working and nicer and better then corporations franchises. I try to support local rather then corporations. I hate corporations.

I took this photo at Choco Corn. I wish I would’ve got the logo in the picture but i didn’t think about it at that time.

The cost was about 8CAD. It was so big I only drank half of it and saved the rest for another day. So 4CAD a drink. A good price in my eyes.

anyways byebye

-love Mary🌹

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