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#34 – ML#05 – Freedom at 16

When I was a kid. I wasn’t allowed to grow my hair long. I remember asking my parents If i could grow my hair long like a girl and they said no because I wasn’t a girl. I was sad. I did not care if it was for girls. I wanted to know what it was like having long hair like girls.

I asked If i could get a mushroom cut because that was a popular haircut with boys. I wasn’t allowed that either because my parents said it was ugly.

WHAT?? What nonsense is that.

Some boys had 1 earring because it was cool at the time. I wasn’t allowed to get an earring either because my parents said earrings were for girls.

I felt like I was in a prison. Which it was.

I told them I would move out when I turned 16 because I hated living there.

I don’t think they thought I would go through with it.

Within months after i turned 16 I had an argument with my dad and told him I would move out if he continued to argue with me. Well that ticked him off and he ended up kicking me out.

I was only allowed to take things with me that I had purchased with my own money. The only things I ever bought at 16 was video games so I was granted “permission” to take the clothes on my back that had be purchased by my parents.

So with the clothes on my back, a garbage bag full of my Nintendo games and few dollars that I earned form my paper route. I had just enough money to call a taxi.

I wasn’t sure where I was going to go or live or how to survive. I was scared & alone.

But I left my prison.

I left and never looked back.

It was the first taste of freedom.

Ever since then I have been fighting for freedom. Fighting to liberate humanity from the globalists banking cult and fighting about other humans who like to impost their rules and values against me.

One thing I can say is that I used to steal my mothers clothes when I was young. If I would of gotten caught. I would of been severely beaten like other times I got beaten. I was lucky I never got caught although i think my mother suspected something.

How many other kids out there secretly stealing their mothers clothes.

Society tells us that boys and men should not wear a dress to the point that it makes dads beat up their sons over it because of the shame and pressure they feel.

To me. It’s just clothes.

I will continue fight the stigma against it.

Live how you want. Not how society wants.

-love Mary🌹

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