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#35 – ML#06 – Strolling around at the mall

I was bored and went strolling around the mall.

The first time I ever went to the mall dressed as a women I was pretty nervous. I was more concerned about people starting at me then anything else.

But like anything else. The more you do it the easier it gets. I rarely went to the mall because malls are usually targeted towards women and I found them boring.

This time I see the world in a much different way. I actually like going into the stores now and spending a lot of time in them. I always found women’s clothes are much more colorful and way more options then men’s clothes.

Although I started to notice that a lot of the stores have women’s clothes that make them look old and boring.

I remember traveling to China and there was way more options in clothes for both men and women. Women’s clothes were also way more feminine.

It’s no wonder women in Canada dress really dull and lame.

The mall really does have all kinds of people you don’t normally see.

I saw a really super tall man with a really super short women. How do these people kiss? Does he have to lift her? lol

I saw a women who was dressed as a man. I remember many years ago people would frown upon that and accuse them of being lesbians. But these days no one really cares anymore when a women dresses as a man. It’s become almost normal.

I do not pass as a women at least I think i don’t.

I have gotten some reactions where people’s eyes widen so much. They are almost shocked to the point that i left them speechless.

I bet it’s their first time seeing a transgender women.

It does not bother me one bit.

Anyways I had so much fun at the mall and I found a Bitcoin ATM.

Bitcoin ATM

catch you next time

-love Mary🌹

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