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#36 – ML#07 – My favorite trans women

So where did I get this idea that men could wear women’s clothes?

On YouTube! I remember years ago running into a video of a women that was modeling clothes.

I thought to myself. Wow she is so beautiful. Then I looked into the comments and realized that some of the comments had the world “trans”

I wasn’t familiar with the word “trans” or anything about the whole “trans” movement other then what conservatives post on twitter. Conservatives always post anti-trans pictures and they post pictures of really ugly men who are not really trans. At least they are pretending to be a trans women in order to push government agendas. Conservatives never once post any pictures of good looking trans women.

I never realized actual trans women existed out there who are genuinely trying to be feminine and are not part of the governments or globalist agenda. These trans women actually put effort into acting and looking feminine. I thought it was pretty cool that a human born with XY chromosomes could look and act feminine.

I started researching deeper into the subject and the more i liked it. I thought to myself why can’t a XY human wear women’s clothes, act and look feminine.

It’s because we are raised to be a certain way. Boys must wear boys clothes and act like a boy while girls must wear girls clothes and act like a girl. If one or the other steps into the other side as a child society or parents will blow a gasket and as an adult if one steps into the other side society will blow a gasket.

I am taking about genders wearing whatever clothes they want. There is people out there taking things to an extreme. Like sterilizing children their children at a young age.

Like I said in my other post. I used to steal my mothers clothes when I was a kid and if i would of gotten caught. I would gotten beat up by my dad as he usually did.

But what if he didn’t beat me up and instead accepted the fact and gave me HRT drugs to turn me into a girl. These drugs sterilize children.

Maybe during that time. I would of been happy but as I would’ve grown. I would’ve realized the truth that they sterilized me. I would of been pissed.

Luckily for me i never got caught and HRT drugs didn’t exist during my childhood.

You can read more about my opinions below of the globalist trans children agenda.

The Globalist Trans Agenda

Anyways. I started finding other trans women were out there making videos of modeling clothes.
I thought it looked fun. I wanted to try it. I didn’t know where to start because asking friends or family to help you transition into looking feminine is not accepted and frowned upon to the point that they will stop talking to you.

I can imagine trans women out there all around the world who have actual gender diaspora and their families and friends throw them away leaving them all alone with no support.

I do not have gender diaspora. I am happy to be born XY. I simply like looking feminine.

I think femininely is beautiful.

I started out by snapchat because i heard it lets you see what you would look like if you were a women. Then i started reading articles online on how to feminize oneself.

It wasn’t too hard since my mothers genetics seem to be stronger then my dad’s genetics inside of me.

Anyways, Here are some of my favorite trans women online

What do you guys think? Should i start doing these type of videos?

I think it would be so much fun. Just modeling clothes and walking around outside.

I did take some videos last weekend in a park and i enjoyed it.

I will have to look into researching how to make videos. I have no experience in that.

The problem is finding new clothes. I don’t want to purchase clothes after clothes. It gets expensive. I know in Asia there is stores where you can rent clothes for a week. We don’t have anything of that sort in Canada.

Anyways. I leave you with this cute picture of me at the park.

-love Mary🌹

Mary’s fashion:

Pink dress –

Trump Hat –

Heart necklace –

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