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#37 – Forced alimony & child support by governments is unconstitutional

The government has been for many decades dictating to couples how much money they have to pay in “child support” & “forced alimony” when/if the couple breaks up. Who exactly gave them this power over our personal relationships?

That’s exactly what is it. It is POWER over our personal relationships. The governments has no right to have power, interfere or even KNOW about our relationships. They have no right to force someone to pay “child support” or “pay alimony”

Paying child support should be dealt with by the ex-couple and something that is talked between themselves. They should both look within their heart to decide between themselves to decide on how much money they will pay. That’s IF they want to pay.

When break up happens there is usually anger. So most likely they will refuse to pay any money to each other. THAT’S FINE.

99% of the time i suspect no one will want to pay any money. Which is fine.

There is no need to get courts involved because the government has no right to dictate how much money to steal from someone and give it to another person in the pretense of “child support”

We always hear stories or other countless stories of how the child support receiver doesn’t use the child support money to actually support the child.

Forcing someone to pay money to someone else is unconstitutional. The couple should talk between themselves to decide. If they can’t afford to feed the child then the child should be given to the person who can afford to feed the child.

This is the only time when the courts need to be involved. When the couple are fighting over who gets the child. The courts should decide who has the income & capability to feed and raise the child.

Forcing someone to pay outrageous money which is based on someones income and not the amount needed to feed the child. By that I mean is, that the more you make, the more you need to pay in child support. Which makes no sense unless of course the goal is to keep the person in poverty and create more resentment between the broken couple. Which is what i believe the current goal of governments is. It is to keep couples divided and break up the family unit.

We need to take back our power. Never vote for anyone that believes that the government should have the power of dictating how much money to steal from you if you and your ex break up.

Mary’s court has found child support unconstitutional

Let’s talk about alimony.

Alimony is when you get divorced and the courts rule that you must pay your ex-wife money every month for the rest of her life or until she re-married. The law varies by country & state but it is mostly along these lines.

You break you and you are FORCED to pay the other person money EVERY month. What kinda ridiculous law is this. Why have we given the government this type of power where they can come in and dictate and force you to give someone else YOUR money just because your relationship didn’t work out. The government has no business getting involved in our relationship. The have no business even knowing who you are dating or marrying.

So what should happen? It should be up the couple to decide between themselves if they want to give the other person money. They should look inside of their heart and decide for themselves.

Most likely most people will not give the other person money. Which is fine. It’s up to them. You and I should also not be getting involved in their relationship.

But when a breakup happens most ex-couples want to move out as soon as possible and move on with their lives. The courts process however takes a long time and requires a lot of money for lawyers. Creating resentment and poverty between the newly broken up couple. Then forcing someone to pay the other person money. The courts and government make it worse.

Mary’s court has found alimony unconstitutional.

Why does the government think its job is interfere with people’s relationships. They already interfere with our personal relationships by telling others “who you are allowed to marry” and they even went as far as writing a law about it.

No government on earth has the right to tell anyone who we are allowed to marry. There doesn’t need to be any laws on who were are allowed to marry. It’s no ones business who I want to or will marry and it’s definitely not the governments business. There is no need for laws but of course the government does it for control.

There also seems to be a lot of “sheep” who have been indoctrinated by the government into telling others and repeating what the government says. That only “so and so” should be allowed to marry.

We need to help wake up and sheep and push back against these brainwashed sheep.

Don’t let them take our power away. The government and no one has the right to interfere or be involved in our personal relationships.


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