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#38 – ML#08 – Snapchat filters are amazing & depressing at the same time.

I’ve been using the snapchat filters for almost 4 months now and they are so much fun. They literally make look like a real women. All i need to do is wear a cute wig, sexy clothes and makeup. The snapchat filters smooth out my skin and change the shape of my face a tiny bit.

It is simply amazing. I am completely shocked at how a little makeup, some clothes and filters have the ability to drastically change who i really am. It’s that powerful. I don’t even see or recognize the old me in the pictures. It is really addictive and I am having so much fun taking pictures of myself as a women.

I find that I am so cute that I have fallen in love with myself. I want to date Mary. She seems like a nice girl and likes Bitcoin. We are a match in heaven.

I am not the only one who has tried the snapchat filters and also thinks that they are super hot as a women.

reddit post

Although I have taken it much farther and actually dressed up like a women and even walked around outside.

It wasn’t easy at first but it was a lot of fun. The biggest problem is when you walk around outside there is no filters. So i don’t actually look as beautiful as the pictures.

That is the depressing part.

I did receive some shocked stares from older people. I’m not sure why they are staring. I can only assume they know I’m a man or maybe they are actually mesmerized by my beauty. I’ll never know.

But women have approached me and complimented me on my makeup and clothes.

Throughout this journey I have realized that I want to look like a women but keep my male masculine brain. I don’t want to be a real women or think like a women. I like who I am mentally but I find women so damn beautiful that I want to be as beautiful as them so I can stare at myself in the mirror all day.

Why do men feel so mesmerized by women’s beauty to the point that they will do stupid things and not think clearly. Like how China used hot Chinese women trained spies to infiltrate American politicians.

I am starting to understand why women love taking pictures of themselves and looking at themselves in the mirror. I find myself doing the same thing.

A twitter post

The biggest issue I have faced so far is online. I wasn’t expecting men to start messaging me all of a sudden.

I purposely wrote “trans” on my profile because I suspected the majority of men don’t like trans women and I would only attract other trans women to make friends with. Well I was wrong.

A lot of the messages I get are terrible and sex related. Is this what real women have to put up with online?

I remember overhearing years ago that my female friends often get terrible messages online from men and that it’s better to stay off certain websites.

I will have to write another post in the future describing the type of messages I have been receiving. Men also seem to automatically think I am an escort because my profile has the word “trans”

I am disgusted by the type of messages they send me. I have never sent a women those types of messages in my life online.

I have solved the problem by writing on my online profiles that I am not attracted to men. It has solved 99% of the messages.

I’m not attracted to men but I understand men and can’t blame them because I find trans women attractive. Some of them look extremely feminine to the point where you would think they were real women so of course it’s natural to like them.

It’s a bit sad because i genuinely enjoy talking to men about politics and man things.

Now i have to avoid men because I’m suspicious of their intentions. I believe they see me as a sex object.

Snapchat filters are so much fun to a point that they are addicting. Read the article below on how it has affected the teen below. At what age should you allow your young daughter to play with filters?

By using snapchat filters myself. It has actually helped me spot them online. I’ve started to realize that a big majority of women have been using them quite often already and much longer then i originally thought. I thought filters were quite new in the last couple years.

When exactly did the filters come out?

At least. I can spot them much quicker now.

Would you say women using filters online in dating apps is deceiving men?

Do you remember the story of the Japanese man who was using filters to pretend he was a hot motorcycle babe? He had million of followers until someone started suspecting he wasn’t telling the whole truth and tracked him down in Japan?

I have no interest in deceiving people. That’s mean and unethical.

Here is what I look like without the snapchat filters.

No filters

It’s a huge difference. My skin isn’t as smooth and my chin isn’t as small. You can always tell when I am using the filter because there will be a big pink flower in my hair.

Who’s more cute? Me or the piggy?

I just realized I have been taking almost no pictures without filters. Am I turning into the girl like the article I posted above?

I enjoy dressing feminine I think it’s fun and cute but i don’t enjoy the sexual attention. Can you imagine women who dress provocative how much attention they get. I could not handle that.

My friends on the other hand are extremely worried about me. They think I have gone crazy. My good friend has warned me not to get addicted to this fantasy.

I will have to write another post in the future on this subject.

Too me. It’s all fun. There is no need to worry.

Anyways, I leave you with this cute picture of me outside

makeup, cute clothes, filters & mom’s genetics = beautiful Mary

If you want to dress up as a women without breaking the bank shop on aliexpress. That’s where i buy most of my clothes.


Well time to go back to reality.

-love Mary🌹

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